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I Think I Bought a Junk Car and Was Lied To

Last Updated: 01-06-2023

I think I made a huge mistaking buying a a junk car from a seller who claimed it was in perfect shape. After driving for only two days the engine overheated and now the car is in a mechanic shop. The seller won't even return my calls. I don't know what to do. I'm 100% certain this car had a major engine problem before I bought it and the seller was aware of it. What can I do besides being forced to pay for these repairs myself?

Do you have a bill of sale? Does it indicate the car was sold as-is? If so, your recourse might be very limited, if at all. This is not to be considered legal advice by any means. Please get expert advice from legal counsel, but usually without a specific guarantee indicating a time period and coverage area/limit, a used "as-is" car purchase is not offered any protection against any post-purchase damage or defect. Unless you can articulate and prove the seller intentionally tried to defraud you, the sale can not be easily voided. Looking at this from the seller's side, they may very well not have known of any existing engine condition and believe what happened after the fact was not their fault. It's a though situation in whichever way. These type of case are best resolved when the two parties agree on an amicable solution to repair the vehicle. Since the seller in this case is avoiding contact with you, you may need to file civil suit to get their attention. Speak with a lawyer before taking any legal action.

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