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Unable To Pay My Honda Accord Expired Registration Fee

My tags are expired and I already got pulled over and got a ticket. Problem is now I real can't afford to pay the registration renewal fees, plus penalties, plus ticket. Is there any assistance out there to help me? My sticker is expired almost 2 months now. I'm afraid the next time they stop me they will impound my car. Any help?

Unfortunately there is no government assistance in terms of help paying for vehicle registration. You might be able to obtain a Planned Non-Operation certificate but it will require you no longer drive your car, at least not on public roadways. If you're credit is good and you're renewing your registration through our online system you can pay your renewal fees with funding from one of our payment credit partners at checkout, if you qualify.


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The VIN is a 17 digit identification number assigned to automobiles.

The VIN can also be found on your registration card or renewal notice.
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