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Bringing My Vehicle Back To California and Registering It

Last Updated: 01-08-2023

My car was smog checked and registered in California back in 2021. I moved out of state for 2 years and now I'm back. What do I need to do to get it registered here again? All registrations and smog inspections were previously done in CA. Thanks.


Re-registering your vehicle in California will require a new smog inspection and an out-of-state title transfer through the California DMV... meaning you'll need to turn in your "out-of-state" Certificate of Title, along with a Form 343, for a new California Certificate of Title. You may obtain the smog test at any smog station in the county where the vehicle will be registered.

Out of State Title Transfer - California

In general, part of the title transfer process for an ordinary out of state vehicle title transfer includes having the vehicle's VIN (vehicle identification number) verified by a DMV agent, CHP, or law enforcement official. A VIN Verification Form (REG 31) will need to be submitted along with the vehicle's out of state certificate of title and Form 343.

In this specific case however, since the vehicle was at one time registered in California, it is possible that the DMV will not require you to submit a VIN verification. You'll need to inquire on this at a local DMV office or by calling the DMV at (800) 777-0133.

You may download Form 343 (Application for Title) from our Most Common DMV Forms download page.

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