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Do I Have to Register My Car In CA If I'm Here Temporarily?

I'm living in California while I attending college. I plan on moving back home once school is over. I'm also going back and forth during the holidays. Do I have to register my car in California or should I continue registering in my home state since I'm here temporarily. My registration fees are due and I don't know if I should pay them or apply for California registration and pay my fees here. Thanks for your time.

California considers vehicle owners attending school (higher education) and paying tuition in California, residents of California. The vehicle you operate while being a resident of California must be registered in California; even though you will be moving back to your home state once school is over. You'll need to register your vehicle with the California DMV as soon as possible. The DMV requires California residents register their vehicles within 20 days of moving here, being gainfully employed in California, or under any circumstance in which the vehicle owner is considered to be a California resident.


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