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Expired Tags Issue After Buying Used Car From Dealership

Last Updated: 05-04-2021

Hi - I recently purchased (4/12/2022) a used car from a dealership in California where I now live, and they registered the car on my behalf. My plates and tags arrived today (4/27/2022) and I noticed my tags expire June 2022. My question , why are the tags expiring in June vs. April 2023? I ask because in Missouri, where I am from, the tags expire one year later at the end of the month of purchase (Example - April 30th, 2023).

Only when a vehicle's current registration is due to expire within 75 days of the title transfer date, will the California DMV require registration "renewal" fees be paid on top off title transfer and use-tax. In this specific case it appears that what you were charged by the used car dealer (subsequently the DMV) was not for the registration renewal of the vehicle but only for the title transfer from the old owner to you and use-tax based on the county in which the purchase was made. The date of the vehicle's prior registration expiration was not changed, and so, come June 2022 you'll be required to pay "registration renewal fees". This is normal and not to be concerned with; in case you were wondering if the dealer handled the paperwork correctly.

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