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Is It Possible To Renew DMV Registration Early?

My vehicle's registration expires in a few months. We are leaving on a trip for four months out of state. Can I renew my registration now, before getting close to the expiration date? If so, how? Thank you.


You may renew your vehicle's registration up to 75 days in advance, but unfortunately, not sooner.

If a vehicle's registration expiration date is greater than 75 days, the DMV cannot collect registration renewal payment. In fact, if you mail your renewal payment, the DMV will return it to you. If you use our online registration renewal service, the system will reply back with a message saying your renewal fees are not due at this time, and ask if you'd like to place a replacement order.

However, NeedTags can help you by placing your renewal request in queue.

Assuming your vehicle does not require a smog or has any suspension related issues, simply call us at (800) 300-7311 ext 1 (Orders Team) and speak with one of our DMV advisors. We'll be glad to utilize our automation system to renew your vehicle's registration as soon as it's eligible. We can record your vehicle's information, collect payment, and process your vehicle's registration renewal as soon as its expiration date is within the 75 days... guaranteeing an on-time renewal, with no worry of late fees or missed deadline.


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The VIN is a 17 digit identification number assigned to automobiles.

The VIN can also be found on your registration card or renewal notice.
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