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My 2002 Toyota Highlander is Out of State But Needs a CA Smog Check

Last Updated: 06-05-2022

Hi. I just paid my renewal license fee online. My 2022 Toyota Highlander is out-of state. My daughter is attending college in Omaha Nebraska. I completed the CA DMV REG 5103 form. Where do I submit the completed form? Thank you .


Congratulations on your daughter's college admission! Let's let her focus on her studies and get rid of some of your stresses too. We've helped countless college students renew their California vehicle registrations while being out of state, and it's ok that you've already paid your DMV renewal fees.

Your vehicle's registration has been set to RDF (Report of Deposit of Fees) and what is needed is the RDF to be cleared in the DMV system and renewed registration to be issued; which is what we can do.

Attending College Out of State Smog Check Exemption

Submit your registration renewal request through our online portal. Upon receipt of our confirmation email, reply back with your REG 5103 as an attachment. Once we receive your smog check exemption form, we'll make sure it's filled-in correctly, and then file it with the DMV, same-day. If any corrections are needed, we'll contact you before the filing.

We will remove the RDF (Report of Deposit of Fees) from DMV records and issue your vehicle new registration. We'll also mail your new registration (registration card, license plate year sticker, and month tag) to Nebraska, overnight if you wish. Please see the quick guide link below to learn of the current filing fee for this service.

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