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Pay Half of My Parking Ticket During Registration Renewal

Last Updated: 06-03-2022

May I pay for my vehicle registration and only half of my parking ticket? I'm currently unemployed and will not be able to make full payment until two weeks from now, but I would like to at least pay for half or something so that I can get this completed this month. Any advice or help will be appreciated. I was supposed to renew by June 26th. I know I am now late but I just can not afford all the tickets and renewal fees Hope to hear from someone soon.


The DMV Does Not Accept Partial Payments

Pay Half of DMV Registration Fees

Unfortunately not. The DMV cannot accept half payments. Once parking fines have been bundled with registration renewal fees (this occurs when parking or toll-violations become delinquent), the entire amount must be paid at once. The DMV will not renew your vehicle registration nor accept a non-operational filing unless all fees due are paid and the vehicle has a $0.00 registration fee (+ fines) balance.

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