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Registering 2022 Chevy Cruze in California

Last Updated: 01-05-2023

Hello, I have a 2022 Chevy Cruze which the sticker under the hood seems to state that it is able to be registered in CA. It states " California class/stds PC/ULEV qualified. It is currently registered in TN. What paperwork do I need to provide to register the vehicle in CA?

Sounds like your Chevy Cruze is California emissions certified. You'll be able to register your Cruze using a process similar to an ordinary California title transfer except you will need to surrender your current out of state title for a new California Certificate of Title. You'll need to have your Chevy Cruz inspected by the CHP or certified VIN verification facility, and submit a VIN Verification Form (REG 31). Your out of state title must be accompanied by a California Application for Title or Registration Form (REG 343). The REG 343 must be signed by all registered owners shown on the out-of-state registration or title. And finally, you will need to obtain a smog check from a California smog test center. Once your Chevy passes the smog test, the smog certificate will be electronically sent to the DMV. The DMV will also require proof of automobile insurance.

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