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Trying to Register Car But Don't Have Documents or VIN

Last Updated: 05-15-2022

I want to register my vehicle online but I don't know my car's VIN number and I don't have the renewal paper. Is it possible to still get this done through you guys?

Yes, we can renew your vehicle's registration. It's not a problem. To renew your registration online through NeedTags, we'll need your car's license plate number, which you obviously have if your vehicle is registered in California and you are in fact simply renewing its registration, the vehicle's VIN (vehicle identification number) which you can find located on the vehicle, either from the drivers side door jam or public VIN located behind the drivers side lower windshield area, and lastly, the zip code in which the vehicle is registered.

If you have access to these three key bits of information, you may renew your vehicle's registration and get new CA DMV tags without needed the actual registration renewal notice from the DMV. The process is very quick and painless. Our system is geared towards making online registration renewal a breeze.

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