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Why Did I Get 2017 DMV Sticker And Not 2018 After Title Transfer

Last Updated: 05-22-2022

I'm a bit frustrated. I bought a used vehicle in April and paid the transfer fees, taxes and what not. When I bought the car it did not have a registration sticker... but I bought it anyway. The seller told me the car was paid up. It needed a smog check so the DMV gave me 30 days to take care of it. I got the car smogged and went back to the DMV to get the process finished. Well, after I get home I realize that they only gave be a 2017 DMV sticker and a renewal notice is already here asking me to pay to get 2018 stickers. Why was I not given a 2018 sticker from the beginning? I think it's unfair that I have to pay again. What did I pay for in the first place and why do I have to register again in less than 10 days!?

We understand your frustration. Allow us to explain. During a title transfer, registration fees are only due if the vehicle you purchased has expired registration or registration which is about to expire in 75 days or less. When this happens, the California DMV adds registration renewal fees on top of the title transfer fee and use tax. If a vehicle's registration expiration date is greater than 75 days, the DMV will not collect registration renewal fees and will simple transfer the vehicle's title over to the new owner, keeping its current expiration date (period). Our assumption is that this is what has happened here. The period between your date of purchase and expiration date were not greater than 75 days and no payment for registration renewal was collected. Now that the registration has reached its expiration period, the DMV is requiring registration renewal fees for your 2018 sticker and registration card.

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