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I Need Help Getting My Vehicle Out of Impound

Post Date: 2021-04-05 20:17:37

I've been going through a tough time and I was not able to get my car registered. It needed a smog check and it wouldn't pass, so I'd been driving it with expired tags and no insurance. I was making sure I don't park on the street. Well, I got caught and it got impounded. The fees to get it out of impound cost more than what the car is worth. Am I stuck? What can I do?

If you truly feel the car is not worth its impound fees (plus registration and late penalties which you'll need to pay before the impound yard will release the vehicle), you may consider simply leaving it there. The tow yard can remove your name from the registration and sell the vehicle at auction after officially notifying you. We should mention however that if the impound sells your car for an amount which does not pay off your storage fees, you may be liable for the balance. We recommend contacting the impound yard and legally transferring your vehicle's title to them in order to stop accumulating storage fees.

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