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How To Transfer Title Online For Relative, Gift or Family

I (the transfer-er) am transferring my vehicle's title to my relative as a gift on today's date. I need to know if I should mark the transfer as a gift and enter today's date or should I check mark "purchase" and enter the date I purchased the vehicle? When I mark as purchase and enter my purchase date, the system calculates a large transfer fee when it should be exempt from the transfer fee because it's a gift between relatives. Please advise how I should continue with the title transfer online process for relative transfer. Thanks!


Transferring Title Between Family Members

The online title transfer system is perfect for title transfers between relatives as there is no Use Tax applied to the transaction, as well as no requirement for a smog check.

The process assumes that the person who acquired the vehicle is performing the title transfer process between family members, as such, the wording of the application is directed to apply to the new owner of the car, truck, SUV, or other type of vehicle whatever it might be requiring California registration.

When completing the online transfer process fill in the form as the new owner; the family member or relative who you're giving the vehicle to. The transfer is occurring without and monies exchanged and between family members. For that reason, mark the transfer as "family".

Our system will exempt the transfer for Use Tax. The title transfer fee calculator will only show the DMV $15.00 transfer fee (and registration renewal fees; if any are due). Once you pass the Calculator Step, you'll be asked to upload the vehicle's title and Reg 256. The REG 256 is necessary in order to attest the transfer occurring between family members. The process is quite simple, and should you need any assistance with the process, we're a simple phone call away.

Hopefully this answers your question ans you'll be able to get the transfer done fast and easy.


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