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Registering Dodge Ram Truck From Nevada in California

Last Updated: 05-28-2022

I got a 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 as a gift from Nevada and I want to get it registered in California and put in my name. How do I do that? Anything special I need since it's from out of state and I got it as a gift? Thanks.

First and foremost we need to mention that this type of transaction may only be handled at a California DMV field office; in that it is an out-of-state title transfer and at the same time, a vehicle being gifted. Most ordinary title transfers can be handled online (through NeedTags), at a local DMV office or a local DMV service provider. The transaction will be similar to that of a regular title transfer; should you have received a "California" vehicle (truck) as a gift. The difference will be that you'll need to obtain a VIN verification from either a certified VIN verification agency, DMV field agent, or the California Highway Patrol. A VIN verification basically ensures the vehicle you are attempting to register in California matches the out-of-state documentation (out of state certificate of title) you are presenting the DMV. The form required is called a REG 31 (Vehicle Identification). You can download it from our DMV forms download page but usually the agency which completes the VIN verification will have this form on-hand. It's good idea to take a look at the form to see what types of questions about your vehicle will be asked. Along with the REG 31 you'll be needing a REG 343 and REG 256. The REG 343 is an Application for California Title and a smog check from a smog station located (certified) in California. Note: a Nevada emissions certificate will not be acceptable. The REG 256 is a Statement of Facts form which you'll need to complete and sign; attesting to the vehicle being given to you as a gift and no Use Tax being owed.

Ensure the current out-of-state title is signed by both you and the person (entity) who gifted you this Dodge Ram truck. The previous owner(s) signature on the original title will be the single most important piece of documentation you'll hold to complete this title transfer. It will help to have a bill of sale as well, indicating the vehicle's identification and purchase price; as $0.00 (GIFT). You'll be required to turn in your out of state title and submit a California Application for Title or Registration Form (REG 343) in order to receive a new California Certificate of Title. You may schedule a VIN verification by either calling a local CHP field office or the DMV at (800) 777-0133.

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