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Moving Vehicle While Waiting for DMV to Clear for Cash for Clunker

Last Updated: 02-02-2022

My vehicle is non operational since last June. I am completing paperwork so I sell it back to DMV for junk for low income. Mean while I have to relocate and need a permit to move my vehicle to another address while I'm waiting for DMV to get back to me. How do I go about doing this?


We understand your concern. You will be needing a Vehicle Moving Permit (CVC 4002) in order to drive your vehicle to another location. Unlike a TOP (Temporary Operating Permit), a Vehicle Moving Permit is valid for one day only. A one day moving permit can be obtained from the DMV for free, but your registration fees must be paid or your vehicle must be in PNO (planned non operation) status. From your question we understand the latter to be true.

The Vehicle Moving Permit may be issued to you (the vehicle's owner) or an agent acting on your behalf who you've given consent to legally operate or move the vehicle on California roadways. The moving permit is valid for one day only. The date you choose to move your vehicle must be within 60 days of the date you obtain the moving permit and it must be indicated on the document. The DMV agent will ask you the date you intend on moving your vehicle so it would be best to have made arrangements with the smog station you plan on going to prior to visiting the DMV.

For NeedTags customers... We can issue and mail one-day Vehicle Moving Permits free of charge when registration fees are paid through our service. Whether your vehicle is placed under non-operational status, or your vehicle's registration is RDF'ed (Report of Deposit of Fees), if the transaction is handled online through our agency, we can mail you a Vehicle Moving Permit via standard USPS mail or overnight. Contact support via email for more information.

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