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Can I Sell My Vehicle Without a Title or Pink Slip?

I don't know why I waited until the last minute, but I've got a buyer right now who wants my car but I can't find the title. He says the DMV won't transfer the car without it. I've bought a car before without a title because the owner had lost it. I had no problem registering the car to me. Is this guy correct? Have the laws changed perhaps? Thank you for your time.

You can sell your vehicle with out a title if the seller doesn't mind. It's always best to have one to simplify the DMV title transfer process. The buyer might truthfully believe that a pink slip is necessary to change ownership (which makes sense) or they may want to make certain you are the legal owner. In either case, if they do choose to buy your Porsche without the title, you'll need to give them a signed REG 227 - Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title. The REG 227 will be turned over to the DMV in lieu of the car's title. If you are paying off a loan while selling this vehicle, the REG 227 will need to be stamped/signed by the lienholder and notarized. The alternative to this is that you file a REG 227 yourself and wait to receive a replacement certificate of title before you sell your vehicle.


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