I'm Missing The Month Sticker on My License Plate

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I'm Missing The Month Sticker on My License Plate

by NeedTags | 03-02-2022

We can replace your license plate's month sticker and year sticker. Here's how.

Visit our CA DMV registration replacement page and fill out your vehicle's information (license plate number, last 3 digits of the VIN, and registration zipcode). We'll look up DMV records, and upon successful completion of your replacement order, issue you a new license plate sticker, registration card, and new month sticker. Your replacement tags can be shipped overnight, and to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

Note: Current California Department of Motor Vehicles procedure will not allow the issuance of a replacement month sticker alone. Vehicle owners may obtain a month sticker by visiting a DMV field office in-person and with an appointment. We will update this page if this policy changes.

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Retrieving DMV Records
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