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I Accidentally Placed My Year Tag On The Left Side of My License Plate

I placed my year tag on the left side of my plate, over the month tag. I tried to peel it off to place it correctly, and it tore. How can I replace both tags (year and month)? Thank you.

It used to be where the month and year stickers issued by the California DMV were much firmer and thicker. The DMV soon realized this was making it too easy for thieves to peel stickers off of vehicles to place on their own to evade citations for expired registration. As a deterrent, vehicle owners began slicing their tags to stop criminals from being able to peel off the entire sticker.

Today however, the DMV issues very fragile registration stickers and tags. The tags appears to be firm, but with the slightest effort, they will tear. This has very much curtailed theft to negligible levels, but doesn't help us much in cases such as this. Not to worry, we can and will be glad to help.

Please place a California vehicle registration replacement order here (includes a replacement year sticker and registration card). After you place your order, reply to our confirmation email with a request for a new month sticker to be shipped along with your registration card and year tag order. We will replace both... the month and year sticker, as well as issue a new registration card, same-day. You will receive the month sticker as a separate shipment, in a separate envelope.


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