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I Did Not Receive My Replacement License Plates After Submitting the REG 156 Form Along with Payment by Mail

I mailed a completed REG 156 form along with a check of $20 a few weeks ago and I have not received my replacement license plates as of yet. Am I supposed to mail in the damaged plate as well? The numbers on the plate are still visible but it's just that the white background is starting to peel and I've seen someone getting fined for it on the news. If I am supposed to mail in the original, I can't drive with only one license plate.


When requesting replacement license plates from the DMV, unless the original plates were lost or stolen, you must surrender the current plates.

Assuming you marked the current plates as mutilated or destroyed on the REG 156, unfortunately at this point you won't be able to complete the replacement process by mail any longer. Mailing the DMV your damaged license plate now will not get them to send you new plates. Your existing plates had to be mailed in along with the REG 156 and $20 payment, initially.

Since you've already paid your replacement license plate fees, and there is a record on file of you having done so, your next step would be to physically visit a DMV branch office and pickup new plates. If you hadn't made the replacement payment to the DMV, we would have recommended visiting a local privately owned DMV registration office for faster service, but since you paid the DMV already, the only way to avoid paying twice is to visit a DMV branch office. Find a DMV branch office here.

You'll need to take the old plates(s) with you and turn them in. The DMV clerk will look up your replacement request record, see that you've already paid your replacement license plate payment, and issue you new plates. A replacement of your original plate is not possible. You will be receiving a new set of license plates (2 plates with new numbers). Please make sure to take both of your vehicle's license plates with you in order to surrender them.


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